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How To Easily Find Good Real Estate In Old Naples Florida


In the city of Naples, there is a section called Old Naples, one that is highly coveted by people that come into this area. There are very happy with how the many mansions and old-style homes really are a throwback to a better time. It is surrounded by the modern city itself, giving them access to modern amenities. Like most of the city of Naples, all of the properties are extremely expensive, priced at $1 million on average. It is possible to invest your money differently, going into condominiums, which can be half the investment. However, if you are planning on moving there to live, you will want to get good real estate deals in this beautiful city that is very close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Why Do People Like Old Naples

The reason that people like this area has to do with a bit of nostalgia, but it’s also easy access to the ocean waters as well as boating activities. The Gulf of Mexico is just a block or two away from most of the residents, whereas some of them are right on the beach. The prices for properties can vary between $1 million and $40 million, depending upon the size and location. In order to get a great deal, you will want to work with a real estate broker or agent that will be able to tell you when new properties are listed, especially those that are heavily discounted.

How To Get Excellent Deals

It’s actually very easy to get good deals in this region of Florida, despite the high price of the real estate. It’s all proportional, in regard to comps that you will look at for other properties in Naples that have recently sold. You can sometimes get discounts of six figures on properties that people just need to unload. It may be the result of a divorce settlement, or an estate sale, and it will go to the highest bidder in many cases, or will simply be listed with a real estate office. These are individuals that simply want to cash out, and this is where you can save money. If you happen to be moving into the area due to a job, or you are just looking for a summer home because you have the money to spend, Old Naples Florida is a great place to go.

Anyone that takes the time to go along the west coast of Florida, especially on the south side, you can’t miss the beauty of Naples. You will drive right through, and will probably fall in love with the homes in Old Naples, deciding to one day move there. If you are going to retire, or if you happen to work for a very large corporation that pays you extremely well, you should certainly consider moving into the area where you can join the company of a multitude of millionaires, and affluent people alike, that truly enjoy this beautiful area that many people cannot resist.