Real Estate Marketing Ideas


If you are creating a marketing plan for your real estate business, there are many ideas to include in this scheme. In fact, there are numerous ways to market your real estate company. The Internet has revolutionized the way a real estate business is sold. Many effective marketing methods fromĀ will help you attract highly targeted real estate leads in the process. Here are some of the most effective real estate marketing tips for 2017.

The National Association of Realtors released a report recently. This report states that more than 92% of consumers use the Internet to hunt for houses on the market. That’s why your real estate business should have an established online presence. Search engine optimization is the most effective method of improving the rankings of your site. A site that ranks higher in the search engines attracts the significant share of traffic received for that particular key phrase. If you want to attract ultra-targeted traffic to your real estate business, your site should rank in the top 5 positions on Google and the other search engines. What better way to improve your rankings in the search engines than implementing an efficient search engine marketing strategy for it.

SEO is quite efficient and affordable at the same time. If you delay investing in SEO, your competition will take advantage of the situation and attract your clients. That way you may lose a lot of money in the process. On the other hand, SEO is a method with one of the highest ROIs in the industry. The clients you received via SEO are already searching for your services by typing relevant key phrases into the search box in the search engines. That’s why it is important that you implement an effective SEO marketing strategy for your real estate business right now.

That’s where a reliable SEO agency in the area comes in handy. You have to work with a reputable and experienced agency if you want the best results for your business. Many fly-by-night agencies do not stand behind their work. Most cheap agencies use outdated or unethical techniques when implementing an SEO strategy. This can do more harm to your real estate business than good.

Viral videos are still all the rage. An insightful or funny clip can help you capture thousands of eyeballs of your clients. On the other hand, a viral video will help you reach tens and thousands of clients through social shares. Most people love to share funny videos with their families and friends. Videos have become the latest marketing method that attracts highly targeted clients to businesses. Whether you are involved in real estate or any other business, you should create a video to promote your company and attract highly targeted leads to it.

One of the biggest mistakes made by real estate agents is their inability to follow up with the leads on a regular basis. Once an agent starts to receive more and more leads per month, manual methods make it difficult to keep track of all these leads and connections. That’s where a quality automation software comes in handy. There is much software that helps keep track of your leads and connections on a regular basis. You should purchase a quality software for this purpose once your business reaches a certain level of competence. These are important real estate ideas to take your business to the next level within a short time.

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is another effective marketing method for promoting your real estate business. Google AdWord is the most effective PPC method on the market today. Although PPC is very efficient and quick to give you results, it should be handled with utmost care since PPC can burn a hole in your pocket if not implementing correctly. On the other hand, you should have extensive experience in carrying out an effective PPC campaign for your business. If not, you should not get involved in it since you may lose a lot of money in a short period. That’s where a reliable PPC management service comes in handy. You have to pick the right PPC management company in the area to implement an effective Google AdWord campaign for your real estate business. It can help improve highly targeted leads and conversions for your business. These are very effective marketing strategies to promote your real estate business.

In conclusion, marketing your real estate business is important to improve the sales and conversions of it. There are many marketing techniques that you can use in this regard. Make sure you use the right techniques to improve the sales and conversions of the business. The article above provides information on some of the most effective real estate marketing ideas for 2017.

Real Estate In Moorings Naples Florida – The Choice Is Endless


From cozy studios to help you get on the property ladder, to multi-million dwellings that will leave your jaw touching the ground, Moorings Naples Florida is a location that has much to offer house-hunters.

There are many reasons why you may be considering buying a property in this very attractive area. Popular for golfing, renowned for its picturesque beauty and impressively managing to balance a feel of luxurious living with a sense of unusual architecture, Moorings really is a great place to invest in.


In fact the agents of Real Estate In Moorings Naples Florida will be more than happy to let you know just how special this part of the world is. Here come a few more great points that they will likely bring to your attention:

– Many properties have waterfront views.
– The area boasts a world class golf course.
– Incredible boating options are available.
– Residents have easy access to the Gulf via Doc’s Pass.
– Venetian Bay, a village towards the North of Moorings, offers great shopping and dining opportunities, coupled with amazing views and outstanding entertainment.

So you’re mind has been made over; you want to invest in property in Moorings Naples Florida! You have a fun search ahead of you, but one that can also be rather stressful.

Buying a property is no small decision in life. With a lot of dollars at stake, you want to make sure that you are buying something which doesn’t have any hidden pitfalls.

How can Real Estate In Moorings Naples Florida give you a helping hand? Here come a few great reasons why:

– Real estate agents are experts within their field. They eat, breathe and sleep property sales; in short it is their passion.

– Real estate agents know the area in detail, they can advise you when a property seems to have an asking price higher than should be expected for the area you are considering, and of course when a property has a competitive asking price.

– There’s a lot of red tape involved in buying a property. Real estate agents not only know the red tape inside out, but they also tend to be ready and willing to help potential buyers to understand it, and overcome it without losing their sanity!

– We all know the old expression, ‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know’. Never has a truer word been spoken when it comes to real estate. These agents have a maze of contacts, and are often aware of a potential property listing, well in advance of everyone else.

So if you are considering purchasing a property in Moorings Naples Florida, you are on the road to owning a great location. With so much to see and do, as well as a host of dining and shopping opportunities, Moorings is a great place to own a home. To help you have a stress-free and fun house-hunting experience, be sure to enlist the help of a real estate agent who has a passion for buying and selling in Moorings.

Things To Look At When Buying A House For Sale In Lely Resort Florida


If you are planning to purchase a house in Lely Resort Florida, there are numerous things that you need to find out. You will have to learn about the amenities and features of a couple of houses for sale before settling for the ideal one. That being said, here are a couple of physical aspects of a home that you need to consider when looking for the best house.


The Bathroom and Kitchen

The kitchen, as well as the bathroom, play a vital role in the overall value of the house for sale. There are a lot of features to consider here. Space, plumbing fixtures, the sinks, tubs and showers as well as their condition. If the house is older, there might be a need to renovate these parts of the house in the near future. This is something to keep in mind before making your decision.

HVAC Systems

It is important to know what kind of heating and cooling systems are more expensive to run. For instance, window unit and electric heat units are going to be more expensive that heat pump systems in the long run. As such, it’s wise to look for homes that already feature a heat pump system. Ideally, it’s a good idea to go for a home that already features a backup heating source like a propane heater or a generator that can power the entire property.

The Storage Space

If you are looking for a house in Lely Resort Florida, then you need to settle for one that features a master bedroom with walk-in closets. Ensure that the rest of the areas have adequate closet space. It’s better to have some space for linens and towels as well.

Ideally, check the garage space. An ideal garage needs to have at least a 2-car space or even big enough to accommodate three vehicles. At the same time, the distance between the kitchen and the garage should not be long as you will need to haul your groceries easily from your car.

Another space to check is the laundry facility. It should be in a convenient area on the main floor, but not easily visible to your guests.

The Materials & Finishes

The next important thing to check is the materials as well as the finishes used in the house. The more affordable homes for sale in Lely Resort Florida usually have vinyl flooring, low-end carpet, and plastic laminate counters in kitchens and bathrooms. I found great choices here on this siteĀ . The more expensive houses usually have harder flooring like tile and wood, and solid surfaces in the kitchen such as granite and slate. The ideal choice heavily depends on your choice, but your personal taste ideally plays a role.

The Landscaping & Lot

The value of homes is usually based on the structure, but that does not mean you should ignore the landscape. It should be level and ideal for the property you are considering to purchase. Also, the size of the yard is something else to consider. Modern homes usually have a smaller yard compared to older ones, but again, what you intend to do with the yard determines the ideal choice for you.

Get Top Real Estate Deals In Pelican Bay Florida


If you are fortunate enough to have the ability to qualify for a sizable loan, or if you have access to several million dollars, you might want to consider living in one of the more affluent areas of the country, and there are actually several. There are many people that lived in Montecito in Santa Barbara, or Laguna Beach that’s not too far from there. There is also Naples Florida that is on the West Coast of the Florida peninsula, and in the midst of that is a place called Pelican Bay. This is an affluent ritzy area that draws very wealthy people. Prices for homes are in excess of $10-$15 million. Some of the homes are located on the ocean, whereas others simply provide a beautiful view of the Gulf of Mexico. Regardless of why you would like to live in this area, there will always be special deals that people can take advantage of as long as you work with a local realtor.

Why You Should Work With The Realtor To Find These Deals

The main reason that you should work with a professional real estate agent is because they will have contacts to some of the most expensive real estate that will be sold in Pelican Bay. People that use realtors are simply looking for a quick way to get their properties sold so they can find the access its value as a liquid asset. If you need help this go here to find your real estate, homes, or condos for sale. Some of them are so desperate that they will consider extremely low offers. They might even take several hundred thousand or $1 million off just to get it sold. The only way that you will know it this is an option is to submit offers. This is why you need to work with the realtor so they can act as a liaison between you and the seller.

How Do You Get The Best Deal Possible?

The easiest way to get an excellent deal, especially quickly, is to submit as many offers as you can. Always submit one that is lower than the asking price, and most of them are going to reject you, but some of them will take you seriously. Once you have interested individuals selling property in Pelican Bay, you can pick and choose from the different ones based upon size, location, and price. In no time at all, you can purchase a very expensive piece of property in Pelican Bay that will be exactly where you want it all by following this simple suggestion.

Once you have looked at these properties, and all of the benefits of living in this area which includes water activities, golf, botanical gardens, and much more, you will see why this is a great place to be. If you would prefer living where those that have money live, you really can’t go wrong by purchasing one of the incredible properties in Pelican Bay Florida that you should be able to get for a price that could literally save you six or seven figures on the total purchase price.

Buying Real Estate For Sale In Lely Resort Florida


Has the time come for you to buy a new home? Choosing Lely Resort is an excellent choice for your real estate investment. Going to open houses and checking out houses for sale can surely be very exciting for you and your family. However, it would be unwise if you take on the entire process without the assistance of a qualified professional. In this resource, you will learn some useful information on how to go about purchasing real estate for sale in Lely Resort, Florida and why you should consider hiring a real estate agent.

Lely Naples is situated in western Collier County. It can prove to be a fantastic choice for putting in money for your new home purchase. It is relatively simple and easy to find real estate listings in the area. This is primarily due to the countless websites you can scour that offer house listings in Lely Resort. These websites can serve as an excellent starting point, allowing you to easily find houses for sale that suit your needs. In addition, these can help you get an idea about the average home prices in Lely Resort.

Lely Resort 1

Real estate listing websites make it very convenient to find houses that match the unique requirements of your family. They come with filters that enable you to select the minimum and maximum price. What’s more, you can select the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you want in your new home. Some sites even connect you with a real estate agent who can help you further narrow down your list. While this is a very useful feature, nothing can substitute actually meeting a professional in person and speaking about all the details of your purchase.

The main reason why you would want to work with a real estate agent is that you can rest assured that you’re going to get the best deal on the market. This might seem counter-intuitive at first, especially when you consider that you need to pay the agent for his services as well as the commission. But when you take into account the amount of money you can save by landing an affordable price, it’s easy to see why this is a worthy investment.

A real estate professional can also find house listings you may have missed during your online search. Remember that not all houses for sale are being promoted actively on the internet. An agent has the necessary connections to ensure that he doesn’t miss any listings in the Lely Resort area. This alone should be enough reason to enlist the services of a professional. You may not realize it, but it’s possible that the best deal on the market isn’t published online.

These are just some tips to keep in mind when you’re in the market for a new home. While there’s nothing wrong with starting your search online, don’t underestimate the benefits of working with a real estate agent. By hiring a professional with the skills, knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that you can find the best real estate for sale in Lely Resort, Florida.

How To Easily Find Good Real Estate In Old Naples Florida


In the city of Naples, there is a section called Old Naples, one that is highly coveted by people that come into this area. There are very happy with how the many mansions and old-style homes really are a throwback to a better time. It is surrounded by the modern city itself, giving them access to modern amenities. Like most of the city of Naples, all of the properties are extremely expensive, priced at $1 million on average. It is possible to invest your money differently, going into condominiums, which can be half the investment. However, if you are planning on moving there to live, you will want to get good real estate deals in this beautiful city that is very close to the Gulf of Mexico.

Why Do People Like Old Naples

The reason that people like this area has to do with a bit of nostalgia, but it’s also easy access to the ocean waters as well as boating activities. The Gulf of Mexico is just a block or two away from most of the residents, whereas some of them are right on the beach. The prices for properties can vary between $1 million and $40 million, depending upon the size and location. In order to get a great deal, you will want to work with a real estate broker or agent that will be able to tell you when new properties are listed, especially those that are heavily discounted.

How To Get Excellent Deals

It’s actually very easy to get good deals in this region of Florida, despite the high price of the real estate. It’s all proportional, in regard to comps that you will look at for other properties in Naples that have recently sold. You can sometimes get discounts of six figures on properties that people just need to unload. It may be the result of a divorce settlement, or an estate sale, and it will go to the highest bidder in many cases, or will simply be listed with a real estate office. These are individuals that simply want to cash out, and this is where you can save money. If you happen to be moving into the area due to a job, or you are just looking for a summer home because you have the money to spend, Old Naples Florida is a great place to go.

Anyone that takes the time to go along the west coast of Florida, especially on the south side, you can’t miss the beauty of Naples. You will drive right through, and will probably fall in love with the homes in Old Naples, deciding to one day move there. If you are going to retire, or if you happen to work for a very large corporation that pays you extremely well, you should certainly consider moving into the area where you can join the company of a multitude of millionaires, and affluent people alike, that truly enjoy this beautiful area that many people cannot resist.

Types of Financing


Conventional Loans
FHA-Insured Loans
VA-Guaranteed Loans

Conventional loans are considered the most secure because the LTV (Loan-to-Value) ratio is low. In this type of loan the borrower usually puts 20% of the purchase price as a down payment. Since 20% or more is used in conventional loans, you wont need PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).

FHA Insured loans or Federal Housing Administration allows some buyers who wouldn’t normally qualify for a loan to get one. It does this by taking away the risk to the lender by being insured by the FHA. As long as the loan is for a one – four unit owner occupied residence you can prepay with no penalties. The lender may charge discount points and loan origination fee but you can negotiate with the seller and have some of the points paid by them. Also, discount points are tax deductible to buyers regardless of who pays them.

VA guaranteed loans are loans that are guaranteed to the lender by the Department of Veterans Affairs. This is also offered to unremarried spouses of veterans who’s death was service related. To qualify you must be a veteran with no dishonorable discharge and who meets the following.

90 active service for World War II, Korean War, Vietnam conflict, and Persian Gulf War Vets.
A min of 181 days of active service during peacetime between July 26, 1947 and September 6, 1980 (or 10/16/81 if an officer)
2 full years of service during any peacetime period after September 7, 1980 (or after 10/16/81 if an officer), or if called to active service for at least 181 days after that date.
Six or more years of continuous duty as a reservist in the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard or as a member of the army or Air National Guard (eligibility expires on September 30, 2007)

The advantage of a VA loan is that there is no down payment required, there is no monthly mortgage insurance to pay, there are limits on the buyers closing costs, and there are no prepayment penalties.